NWL Industrial Power Equipment Manufacturing Capabilities

Focus.  Consistency.  Excellence.

For more than 70 years, NWL has maintained a vertically integrated manufacturing philosophy, especially unusual in today’s “built-elsewhere, assembled-here” environment.  As one of the largest independent suppliers of high-voltage power components and systems, we design, build, and support all our products from start to finish. An AS9100:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 registered company, NWL provides equipment that meets national and international standards such as UL, NEC, CSA, ex, IEC and CE.

NWL’s engineering team works with customers’ technical staff to optimize the product design for performance, manufacturability, reliability, and ease of service. This insures the best possible price-to-performance ratio, as well as a lower total cost of ownership.  NWL helps its customers to best specify the product to meet the goals for their products.

NWL’s significant manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Power Supplies – 150,000-sq.-ft., state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities dedicated to producing a broad range of linear and switch-mode high-power conversion products.  The facility includes dedicated production cells for each product line and a 28 foot high bay area with a 45 ton overhead crane.
  • Transformers & Inductors – manufacturing for high and low volume production complements our power supply products. NWL’s line of specialty magnetics includes a wide range of specialty transformers, reactors and chokes.  The facilities can support vacuum and pressure impregnation capabilities as well as epoxy dielectrics and oil filled units.
  • Sheet Metal – a separate 25,000 square feet facility dedicated to sheet metal fabrication and finishing ensures complete control of the design, delivery, and quality of fabricated metal components. This is very important for high voltage oil filled equipment, since the tank production must be carefully controlled to maintain quality and delivery.

These extensive resources help preserve design integrity and assure customers complete compatibility of all components—and highest possible quality of complete systems.  NWL experienced engineers will work with customers’ design and production teams to create transformers or power supplies that meet exact needs.

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