Mid Frequency Switch Mode Supplies – ML™ Series

ML Series Mid Frequency 100kW, 40kV Switch Mode Power Supply
  • Mid Frequency Switch Mode Supplies – ML™ Series

    NWL’s ML™ Series switch mode power supplies (SMPS) offer size, weight, and performance advantages over linear units. They switch at 7 kHZ. The ML Series is perfect for higher power applications requiring small size or tighter voltage control.


    • Air cooled power ratings from 100 to 500kW
    • Water cooled power ratings 300, 600 kW
    • Can parallel up to 4 units
    • Switching frequencies of 7kHz
    • Input voltages from 600 to 5kV Class
    • Output voltages AC or DC
      • Oil filled from 30 to 150kV
      • Dry type up to 30kV

    Typical Features

    • Programmable control logic
    • Active arc management, 50 microsecond response times
    • Top or bottom cable entrance
    • Front access only if required
    • Control logic via PLC
    • Supports all popular communications protocols
    • Custom cabinetry, including stainless steel, indoor NEMA 12 or outdoor NEMA 4

    Typical Applications

    • Electrostatic precipitation
    • Corona discharge
    • Capacitor charging