Industrial Transformers & Inductors

Industrial Transformer from NWL
  • Industrial Transformers & Inductors

    NWL has designed and manufactured transformers and inductors for specialized industrial applications for over 70 years. Capabilities include:

    • Air, fluid, and epoxy insulation systems
    • Water cooled – direct and indirect, hybrid air-water cooled
    • True vacuum – pressure varnish systems
    • Product certifications – CSA, UL, Atex, IEC
    • Partial discharge testing
    • Advanced winding capabilities
    • Fluid filled – mineral oil, silicone, FR3
    • Air cooled or water cooled capacitor options
    • Oil filled or dry resin capacitor technology
    • Mil-Spec tolerances achieved
  • Industrial Transformers & Inductors Specifications



    • Dry type to 10,000kVA
    • Water cooled to 25,000kVA
    • Output voltages to 300kV
    • Input voltages to 34.5kV class
    • Isolation voltages to 250kV oil, 100kV epoxy, 30kV dry
    • Frequencies to 200kHz


    • Step-up
    • Inter-phase
    • Multi-pulse, including rectifier duty
    • Isolation
    • Filament


    For high power inductors, NWL’s unique air gap construction techniques result in less audible noise and lower losses. Designs for Common Mode Inductors use nanocrystalline cores to provide state of the art low loss performance. NWL has extensive experience with large AC duty inductors which see high harmonic content.


    • Air and iron core
    • Single and three phase up to 5,000kVAR with input voltages up to 15kV class
    • Air or water cooled
    • Fluid filled – oil, silicone, FR3


    • Commutation
    • DC filter
    • Harmonic filter
    • Current limit



    • Voltage: AC 100 to 25,000 Volts, DC 100 to 200,000 Volts
    • Capacitance: 1 nano-farad to 50,000 microfarads
    • Current: DC to 5000 Amps rms up to 12000 KVAR
    • Physical Size: 0.25 cubic inches to 6 cubic feet