PowerPlus™ Series High Frequency Switch Mode Power Supplies

PowerPlus High Frequency Switch Mode Power Supply
  • PowerPlus™ Series High Frequency Switch Mode Power Supplies

    NWL first developed the PowerPlus™ switch mode power supply (SMPS) to provide an integrated high voltage system for electrostatic precipitator applications. With more than 3,500 units delivered worldwide, the PowerPlus SMPS has proven to be a reliable performer in demanding industrial environments. These products give the highest performance with the smallest size and weight.   The high frequency DC output minimizes ripple voltage to give a power factor above 0.9; average power is very close to peak power.

    Since its introduction, many companies have incorporated PowerPlus technology into their high voltage systems.  Most high voltage supplies have very compact packaging, and most applications only require controlled releases of energy. This is a perfectly good solution for most industrial applications, but there are circumstances where the existing supplies are neither rugged enough nor large enough to handle harsher environments or more demanding duty cycles. PowerPlus can now fill this void with systems up to 300kV and 1000kW, with packaging options that can withstand extreme weather conditions, and a circuit topology that can handle repeated arcing and sparking events.


    • Single unit power ratings from 30 to 110kW
    • Parallelable to 1000kW
    • Output voltages  from  30-300kVDC
    • Series resonant operation at 50kHz

    Typical Applications

    • Electrostatic Precipitation
    • Corona Discharge
    • Capacitor Charging
    • Electron Beam – Melting, Curing, Coating