Repair, Rebuild, or Replace?

Currently many precipitator system owners are asking themselves this question about their existing transformer rectifiers left in service. Many of these units have been operating for 30 years and are approaching end of life. NWL believes that the answer starts with an assessment. We call this our Reliability Assessment Program or RAP for short. When performing a RAP program, dielectric oil samples are extracted and evaluated to determine where in the life cycle the transformer is functioning. A visual assessment is also performed, looking for leakage, corrosion damage and physical condition. This information is all packaged into a report that formats it so that maintenance can be prioritized based on level of severity. Once the RAP is complete, NWL can help with the budgeting process by providing pricing options for repair, rebuild, or replace.

NWL can provide all three of the options listed. For marginally performing ESPs NWL can also offer an upgrade to the PowerPlus™ SMPS unit.

Contact your sales account manager for pricing or utilize our Switch Mode Supplies PowerPlus Quote Form.